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From the highlands of Peru, Alpacafine brings these luxury alpaca fur toys: alpaca dolls, alpaca teddy bears, alpaca panda teddy bears; all in different sizes. They are all fully handmade by skilled artisians with milenary technics on  genuine baby alpaca fur. Alpaca dolls and alpaca bears are the perfect gift for that beloved one. Its cute look and softness will turn these dolls in you new best friend. These alpaca stuffed animals are not regular stuffed animals, but luxury toys handmade on the finnest natural fur, which is baby alpaca fur. Baby alpaca fur is the finnest fiber you may find. Easy to mantain, soft to touch, cuddly and huggable. Every one will fall in love with these baby alpaca fur toys

Since they are fully handmade on natural baby alpaca fur, there are not two alpaca dolls exactly alike, some little differences may be shown. Each one is unique. 

All alpaca toys are storaged and sent within a box and gently wrapped. Once you receive you alpaca doll or alpaca bear, you have just to comb it and it will recover its nice look.

No animals have been kiled in the making of these alpaca toys.

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